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Due to the various exciting features, Logitech has a firm grip over the market of gaming mice. A Logitech gaming mouse comes loaded with a variety of features and is way ahead of its competitors. The Logitech gaming mouse is the best choice for all type of games such as shooting, strategy or role playing games. The Logitech gaming mouse model G500 was applauded by many reviewers.

This mouse has a light weight and has a good grip. Further, its design is ergonomic so as to support the hands. The cursor tracking is accurate because of the high end sensor which has a high polling rate. You can use the mouse to scroll quickly in various documents with the scrolling wheel that has a fast and free motion. It can be used for all types of games and other applications as well.

Another exciting feature of this mouse is that it has an internal memory which helps us for storing profiles. This can be useful for those individuals who like gaming. You can use the same mouse with different computers so that you can play at any computer with the same control and your performance doesn’t get affected with the change in the computer. The sensor rating is well above 5700 dpi which is quite useful in such games which require quick reflexes such as the shooting games.

One feature which is extremely helpful for the players in the shooting games is that of high polling rate of the mouse. Polling rate helps in tracking of the mouse movement so that the gamer can move the game’s characters quite effectively. The polling rate of this mouse is around 1000 MHz which is double that of its nearest competitors. However, strategy games such as World of Warcraft do not need fast reflexes. Even for such games, this mouse is the best fit due to its variety of features.1

Logitech G602 vs the G700 – Which Is Best?

The G700 is best in my opinion (I own one). It is built for high speed gaming and fps games where you want crazy control at the sacrifice of battery life. Now it seems the S model has some upgrades to it so I will probably screw up an in between of the 700 and S model.

A fully custom DPI switch with 5 modes on each profile that ranges from 200 to 8200 DPI, that I personally never use. My g700 goes up around 5700 and I don’t think i ever go past 3000. it’s nice to quickly dump into sniping with low dpi for accuracy. Both mice have this.

The g602 seems to have a similar idea with the dpi switching but goes from 250 to 2500. This is much lower and I suspect the laser system has been cut down because high end high precision and high speed lasers use a lot of battery.

The system the g700 uses to send data to the computer is of a wireless + usb system. Unplugged it uses the wireles reciever and can poll up to 1000 times a second and as soon as you plug it in it goes and sends the data over the cable for stable speeds and to use less battery as it charges.

The g602 has a maximum of 500 polls a second and dos not seem to have any charging or usb data sending capabilities. The downside of this is that if a lot of things start interfering on the 2.4ghz network it may cause it to be glitchy with no quick fix.

The g700 was built to be the ultimate in wireless gaming in an elite sector. it has 1 single rechargeable eneloop battery that you can replace when desired to maintain battery charge fast without plugging it in but its also rechargeable so you can charge as you play. Battery life is left with something to desire, I get about 3 days between some gaming and day to day use on my g700 with the upgraded eneloop black battery. As logitech is pretty cool with their numbers, it is actually about where they advertised at the time of release.

As I said before with logitech the endurance numbers are usually pretty bang on, I have not tried the 602 at this point in time but hopefully it lives up. The 602 has 2 AA normal batteries (could replace with wall charge ones) and lasts a supposed 250 hours on gaming mode while the g700 may get 72 and also indicates 1400+ on endurance mode (web surfing). The downside is the g700 is so light because of its one battery and bare minimum feel. As I have not felt the 602 I can only go by speculation that it will feel much more sluggish when in faster games.

TLDR: G700/s is a hardcore lightweight extreme machine for the elite fps player who wants wireless while the g602 is the fatter more well rounded cousin that has more features like more buttons. 2


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